Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer Titillates The Senses

Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer Titillates The Senses

Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer Titillates The Senses

The Rubi is a new e-cigarette from the house of KandyPens, which has already caused a lot of excitement among vapers with its launch. What makes the Rubi stand out from other e-cigarettes is the open pod system that allows you to use any type of e-liquid you want.

While most other e-cigarettes come with pre-filled pods specifically designed for nicotine salts, the Rubi can be used with any liquid. The first e-cig from KandyPens was the Feather, but the Rubi beats it with the refillable pod.

Amazing Features

The Rubi has a very basic kit, like all e-cigs. Aside from the Rubi, there's a one mL refillable pod and a micro-USB cable for charging. Besides the refillable pod, other attractive features of the Rubi include compatibility with a variety of e-liquids, draw activitated power (no power button needed), replaceable micro-USB cable, and leak-proof body.

Being air activated is one of the best things about the Rubi. There is no fear of the power button not working. Aside from that, the use of a micro-USB cable is another advantage, since a micro-USB is easier to replace than a standard charger.

At four inches, the Rubi is slightly taller than other e-cigs, but still really small and handy. With a smooth, rounded design and a comfortable mouthpiece, the Rubi is easy to fill and use. Just twist the rubber stopper on the pod and pull on its wings to remove it for refilling. E-cigarettes are generally easy to use, and the Rubi is no exception.

Vital Instructions

You first have to remove the mouthpiece from the body, then remove the rubber stopper from the pod, fill the pod with e-liquid, and replace the stopper. Next, you have to prime the pod before use. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece a few short times before replacing the mouthpiece on the body for use. This prevents dry hits.

The Rubi is one of the most versatile e-cigarettes on the market today, and works well with every kind of e-liquid. The pod is made of a ceramic coil and lined with Japanese cotton. This not only enhances flavor but also adds to the durability. The draw resistance is great and smooth enough, whether you are using mouth to lung or direct lung inhale techniques.





Totally Convenient

The Rubi uses a 280 mAh Li ion battery that lasts one to two hours (approximately 250 puffs) on a single charge. It takes roughly 80 minutes to charge full.

The Rubi is temperature regulated, and has a LED battery indicator and eight second auto shut off. There is a lifetime warranty, but you have to pay if you ship it back in case of something going wrong.

There are several e-cigarettes in the market and the KandyPens Rubi is serious competition to the Juul as it can be use with any e-juice opposed to models such as the Juul which only uses juices sold by Juul. Moreover, it packs a great deal for all e-cig lovers.