Best Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Best Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Best Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Portable dry herb vaporizers offer a clean, convenient, and potent way to enjoy herb without the downsides of smoking and further save money which makes them a great Christmas Gift. With numerous of  options we here at Sky Life have picked the best cutting edge dry herb vaporizers that are fan favorites based on style, quality of vapor and style. Get ready to elevate to new highs this Christmas with these great dry herb vaporizers.

The Firefly 2 is a work of art in itself and is elegant, functional, and reliable, making this dry herb vaporizer perfect for a treat this year for Christmas. This portable dry herb vaporizer is almost perfect on most essential fronts.. Touch-activated sensors turn the unit on more seamlessly than the old 5-click activation. It’s easy to turn on but won’t be turned on by accident in your pocket.  The dry herb only gets heated up when taking a hit thus preserving the material. You can also customize your vaping session with the Firefly mobile app.

The design is marvelous and was partly designed by an ex-Apple engineer. It’s cutting edge, unique look makes it stand out in the vaporizer market.

The overall feeling is similar to an I Phone, easy to use and stylish, making this dry aged vaporizer a great gift this Christmas

 Firefly Vaporizer

AirVape Xs is a stylish portable dry herb vaporizer that also has supreme quality making it stand out from other models. Under the sleek aluminum build lies a powerful hybrid heating system that heats dry herb against the walls of the ceramic chamber while blasting it with hot air. This makes the vapor very clean and users are able to fine tune their sessions with the easy handles.

The Air Vape Xs is extremely light and short in size making it ideal on the go as it perfectly fits in your pocket. The 1300mAh battery lasts long, and you can vape while you’re charging.

AirVape Xs is designed for easy operation so you can take quick hits on-the-go with its LCD display that shows all the functions and other options. Overall is the AirVape Xs a great option if you are on the go as it’s probably one of the most portable vaporizers in its category.

 Airvape Xs Vaporizer

G Pen Pro is a sleek, compact portable herb vaporizer. The vapor it produces is superb for a vaporizer in its class, further more is it very fitting for any pockets, making it perfect on the go. This dry herb vaporizer is great for those who want excellent quality and be discreet at the same time. All of this is done with no excessive features, making this simple to use and stylish at the same time. . The shape is easy to grip making this a great staple for everyday use.

Similar to other portable dry herb vaporizers, you want to finely grind herb before loading the ceramic conduction oven and make sure to pack it tight but not too tight.  Remove the mouthpiece and fil it up. The ceramic conductor heats up the dry herbs without burning it, leaving no bad after taste, just pure flavorful vapor. Even when in a low temperature setting the G Pen Pro manages to get full flavor on every draw.

The G Pen Pro is a One button vaporizer that allows you to choose temperature, take a hit, and tur it off. A row of LED lights lets you know on what temperature setting you’re on. The G Pen Pro is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers for those who want a more budge friendly option.

G Pen Pro


Magic Flight Launch Box is a beautifully wooden vaporizer that combines eco friendliness with an ascetically pleasing look.

The Launch Box is powered with a rechargeable NiMH battery. The battery pops into a port and makes the Launch Box ready for action within 5 seconds. You can watch your vapor building up in the chamber through he see through lid. The user removes the battery as they vape so the unit doesn’t overheat. This is super fst and easy to use, making this dry herb vaporizer one of the simplest solutions while being a rue beauty.

The earth oriented vibe is reflected in its vapor quality which is full of aroma and robust in its texture. You are able to use a glass straw to take hits. 

 Magic Flight Launchbox